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  • New Urban Mechanics

    New Urban Mechanics

    The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics is Boston's Civic R&D Lab / Incubator.

  • Nancy Friedman

    Nancy Friedman

    Just another Neurotic New Yorker bumbling along The Road to F*ck it as I navigate life with a lot of angst, a touch of humor, and a teeny bit of Botox.

  • Peter ‘pet3rpan’

    Peter ‘pet3rpan’

    1kx & DAOs

  • Data@Urban


    Data@Urban is a place to explore the code, data, products, and processes that bring Urban Institute research to life.

  • MIT Election Lab

    MIT Election Lab

    By applying scientific principles to how elections are studied and administered, we aim to improve the democratic experience for all U.S. voters.

  • Michael Li

    Michael Li

    Data Scientist | Blogger | Product Manager | Developer | Pentester | https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-li-dfw

  • Elliot Marshall

    Elliot Marshall

  • Dali Souayah

    Dali Souayah

    An avid learner with a goal to support data-driven decisions. I am an analyst with Data science and analytics skills and a background in investments.

  • Kara Conway

    Kara Conway

  • Jose Cacho

    Jose Cacho

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